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3D MODEL Car Engine

Digital Dive Studio

Digital dive Studio is the division of Immersive Interactive exclusively dedicated to interactive 3D applications, virtual reality and game creation. Thanks to our group's technological basis, we develop outstanding projects according to the needs of each client.

vehicle race with red car, blue bike and car damage in the air


Digital Dive Vehicles is a series of templates created by Digital Dive Studio for Unreal Engine Marketplace that focuses on vehicles with a system of physical interactions and destruction of cars and motorbikes within GTA style. We offer development work reduction and users time-saving in their projects. If you are making a game or an animated movie involving cars, then this product is ideal for your project. We also offer a support service for any of our products in our Discord community.


User experience is the most important thing for us. We put at your disposal tutorials, demos, a list of compatible vehicles and all the updated documentation. In addition, personalized attention through the Discord community for our verified clients.

You can find a series of downloadable tutorials, links to our youtube playlists and best of all, a complete demo that includes all the advanced packages and vehicles so you can learn all its features.

flat tire in 3d model car


Digital Lab is our entire trajectory creating an immersive experience at 3D visualization and virtual reality for any industry. Real estate, medical, technical design, impressive presentations, marketing campaigns, media, heritage, games, education and training. At Digital Dive Studio we have provided our clients with unique tools to differentiate themselves from their competitors and impress their audience.


3d game for ios: Wreckamn rise of hero.

3D Visualization

3D visualization Roman Village on tablet or fablet

Virtual Reality

virtual reality of a store in Compo project


As a restless company we are always working on new projects, on the creation of our products for Unreal Engine Marketplace  and on better technical support for our users. This is a sample of the latest in the Digital Dive Studio road map.

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