Virtual Reality

VR convention of compo shop

Virtual Reality

Get to know the virtual reality technology revolution, the ultimate immersive solution! Virtual reality is gaining importance nowadays as a powerful tool to develop new video games, to train in fields such as medicine and technology, showing new projects in a visual way within the field of architecture or material design among other examples.

vr and ar

Augmented reality introduces virtual objects and characters into a real environment which we can interact with. This advanced technology lets us develop a stage where we can mix the real world and the digital one. On the other hand, virtual reality builds an immersive world through virtual reality glasses or helmets to develop an artificially constructed environment through images and sounds using:

  • Devices: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear vr, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard
  • Basic Controls: Visual Control, Gamepad
  • Advanced Controls: Omni Virtuix, Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, Glove One, Leap Motion

Digital Dive Studio is specialized in the development of 3D worlds and 3D products through a wide range of devices to give the user the best, the most accurate and the fullest immersive experience. Some of our projects are in the field of Architecture, culture ("Barcelona 1714", Villa Romana) and technology (electric network of Spain).


Virtual tours allow us to freely explore any environment and interact with its elements like in any way you can imagine. If it is mixed with architectural visualization projects, interactive maps and personalization of housing we can achieve a stunning 3D environment.  



Includes a virtual tour of houses with options of personalization of finishes (walls, floors, kitchen and bathroom sets, etc.), which influences the price of the house. The project allows filtering zones and different typologies of buildings according to categories in a 3D map, fully interactive with a system of aerial visualization through orbital cameras with zoom and virtual walk in first person.

Borne reconstruction for virtual reality


Virtual reconstruction to showcase the Borne neighborhood of Barcelona as it was in the 18th century or the Roman villa of Aguilafuente, near Segovia.

Digital Dive has developed these two reconstruction projects that includes virtual tour, aerial visualization with orbital camera system, automatic navigation (with autonomous path search), interactive objects, information points and animated virtual characters.

Compo virtual agro store


Application for Oculus and PC. It reproduces an agro store with different products, product data sheets, crop data sheets and two navigation modes: first-person virtual tour and orbital aerial cameras. The application was developed for "Agrotica 2016".

Gallery art in virtual reality


Interactive art gallery with expandable pictures and static "extras" that give the environment a human scale and a sense of "life". The works of art were provided by the Madrid art gallery Rita Castellote.

Periodontology 3d model for didactic purposes


3D presentation, compatible with PC, Tablet, Iphone and HTML5, of a practical case of periodontology for didactic purposes. It shows in different steps and with different modes of visualization, the processes of a specific case, with visual examples and virtual diagrams.

Birthing simulation application for edutaintment

Birthing simulation application

Digital Dive has developed an application in 3D that simulates a virtual environment to show the different phases of pregnancy. The user can learn about the uterus, vagina anatomy, the bones of the baby's head that is about to be born and the maneuvers to be carried out during childbirth.