Digital Dive Vehicles

car damage between black car and red car

Digital Dive Vehicles

This serie of projects are focused on a GTA style Advanced driveable vehicle system. Punctures, explosions, skids, bump deformation, glass breakage are just a few of all the features. We already have 15 vehicles, 12 cars (including vans and trucks) + 3 motorcycles, and we are not going to stop there, more vehicles and more features are coming soon.

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Advanced multiplayer pack

The Advanced Multiplayer Pack is the evolution of our Basic Pack. In addition to 3 vehicles, it includes, improved vehicle physics, damage and deformation, sound and skid marks, enter/exit animations, surface detection and the most requested features by our users. Now fully compatible Cars and Motorbikes : Advanced Pack with Multiplayer support for LAN and Internet connection!


The GTA style Driving Cars or motorbikes Basic Pack for Unreal Engine includes three basic models (Hatchback, Sedan and SUV or Naked, Custom and Enduro) each with four LOD levels and unique properties and VR support.

This is a simplified version Multiplayer Advanced Pack with NO animations, basic physics and no damage system.


First collection of our series of GTA style Drivable cars. With the same features as the basic pack but with more cars! A pack of 9 detailed fully equipped vehicles, with four LODs each and ready to drive, combined with a template of 3rd person gameplay and a modular garage.

All vehicles are now compatible with Advanced Pack! (flat tire version from 4.27) Remember you will need Advanced Pack to enjoy car damage, deformation, enter/exit animations and advanced physics.


These vehicles are the newest ones and are not included in essentials megapack. These cars are fully compatible with both "Driveable Cars: Basic Pack" and "Driveable Cars: Advanced Pack"


Since 2018 we have been improving our Drivable Cars series with new models and features which evolved to Drivable Cars: Advanced Pack and Ridable Bikes: Advanced Pack. Now, we want to offer our community an important update (V.4, december 14th 2021) for all our currently available products to make their integration easier and to include kick ass new features (see New Release and Update Manual):

  • Cars & Bikes full compatibility
  • Flat Tire – WARNING: Follow tutorial to activate features
  • Vehicle Full Damage & explosion
  • Character Ragdoll (beta)

In order to offer this update we have included significant changes to all our packages which need to be fully updated if you want to enjoy these new features:

  • This new update is named DD_Vehicles and affects directly to:
    • Drivable Cars: Advanced Pack
    • Ridable Bikes: Advanced Pack
  • Individual vehicles also need to be updated before migrating them to the new Advanced Pack versions