Digital Lab

Digital lab Free moment: 3d design, development and testing of the game Mort and Phil Frenzy drive

Digital Lab

Digital lab has been our development base for different services we have provided throughout our history. Our work has been carried out over 15 years, so we have a very large background in video game projects, virtual reality and 3d visualization and in different fields such as architecture, medicine, training, educational and entertainment games.

3d game for ios and android. Wreckman Rise of a hero


We believe playing is the best way to encourage motivation, attention and interest of any student so we have worked in simulators, games and all kinds of applications. The goal of those applications is to enhance concentration, effort and loyalty among other positive values.


Nowadays, virtual reality is a powerful tool that is gaining importance in the developing area of different sectors such as training, marketing, real state and medicine. We have worked hard to create softwares for students of medicine, to showcase new projects within the field of architecture and to create products in 3D models among other examples.

virtual reality of a store in Campo project
Roman Village exposition 3d visualization


Achieve real time visualization to showcase products and projects as suitable and as accurate as possible. Digital Dive has created 3D models to illustrate how a product would be before his production or preparation. In addition, we have performed virtual and interactive characters and 3D objects such as jewelry or vehicles for PC, Tablet, Iphone or HTML5.