Ridable Bikes: Advanced Pack

Release notes


VERSION 3.4.1 - UE5.4+ (MAY 19th 2024):

  • Ragdoll improvements
  • Template issues with glass collision mesh fixed
  • UE5.4 specific collision issues corrected
  • Fuel values updated (for its compatibility with Advanced Fuel System)

VERSION 3.4 - UE5.4+ (MAY 4th 2024):

  • Adapted physics to UE5.4 changes
  • Improved multiplayer jitter effect on clients
  • Removed deprecated assets

VERSION 3.3 - UE5.1+ (MARCH 29th 2024):

  • Compatibility with Advanced Fuel System
  • Awake Collider now ignores visibility and camera trace channels (check this if your project uses line trace bullets using those channels). These channels were disabled to work properly with Advanced Fuel System
  • BP_AreaGate updated to have different texts on both sides
  • Updated digital dashboard (for muscle car)
  • Updated WBP_UI_Speedometer

VERSION 3.2 - UE5.1+ (NOVEMBER 21st 2023):

  • Disconnected VR nodes to ensure compatibility with UE5.3 (check #updates channel in our discord server for more)
  • Reduced 1st person camera FOV to fit UE5.3 new cameras
  • Improved ragdoll activation when run over
  • Wheels meshes customization bug fixed
  • Block exit when an obstacle is near bug fixed
  • Ragdoll camera fixed
  • Police pieces bug on multiplayer when restoring car fixed
  • Passenger bug when respawning bike fixed
  • Multiple impacts with same object bug fixed
  • Customizer with a passenger bug fixed
  • Client access feedback bug on multiplayer fixed
  • Manual vehicles RPM feedback bug fixed
  • Scrape sounds & particles
  • Improved pieces physics when detached
  • Character verticality fixed when leaving bike on slope surfaces
  • "Rear gear" speed limitation improved
  • Explosions are now transmitted to nearby characters
  • Dead zone added to tricks input
  • Added sport bike template
  • improved riding physics

VERSION 3.1 - UE5.1+ (JUNE 11th 2023):

  • Paint base material modified to fix issue with UE5.2 and "is dirty" option
  • Multiple warning removal
  • Vehicle customizer multiplayer bugs fixed
  • Fixed collision bug with basic characters on 5.2
  • Enduro collision bug fixed
  • Enduro's base rider proxy mesh visibility bug fixed

VERSION 3 - UE5.1+ (MAY 10th 2023):

  • Added Enhanced inputs
  • Improved ragdoll physics
  • Renamed UE5 characters anim bps
  • Added IK modifier to adjust different skeletons through variables
  • Cusotmizer multiplayer bug fixed

VERSION 2.2 - UE5.1+ (JANUARY 14th 2023):

  • New wheels slip and skid system - adds lateral drift and improves general precission and performance
  • UE5 character pre-integrated models
  • Removed multiplayer fix (it was necessary to fix a bug from Epic's side that has finally been fixed)
  • Optimization fixes for unusual situations
  • Scrape sound added on continuous collision
  • Surface sound effect fixed when vehicle is on air
  • Recovered simplified combination method with cars
  • Side stand bugs fixed
  • counter steering system added

VERSION 2.2 - UE5.1+ (DECEMBER 13th 2022):

  • Multiplayer bugs fixed
  • Start sound bug fixed
  • Physical material overrides to fix UE5.1 bug
  • Rams fixed
  • Backfire can now be controlled through variables
  • Physics optimization bug when bike is on air fixed
  • Character leaning after getting off a bike bug fixed

VERSION 2.0 - UE5.1+ (NOVEMBER 29TH 2022):

  • FLAT TIRE feature
  • Physics optimization system
  • riding adaptation to UE5.1 wheels changes

VERSION 1.3 (OCTOBER 26TH 2022):

  • NEW Backfire feature
  • improved carpaint material (optimized and new iridiscent feature)
  • naked bike corrections
  • tricky surfaces bug fixed

VERSION 1.2 (OCTOBER 19TH 2022):

  • several physics corrections
  • recover verticality from leaning at high speeds improved
  • look up controls unified

VERSION 1.1 (OCTOBER 13TH 2022):

  • UE5 motorbikes compatibility
  • New materials system (all pieces that inherit materials should use proper slot names)