Ridable Bikes: Advanced Pack

Release notes


VERSION 3.2 - UE5.1 (NOVEMBER 21st 2023):

  • Disconnected VR nodes to ensure compatibility with UE5.3 (check #updates channel in our discord server for more)
  • Reduced 1st person camera FOV to fit UE5.3 new cameras
  • Improved ragdoll activation when run over
  • Wheels meshes customization bug fixed
  • Block exit when an obstacle is near bug fixed
  • Ragdoll camera fixed
  • Police pieces bug on multiplayer when restoring car fixed
  • Passenger bug when respawning bike fixed
  • Multiple impacts with same object bug fixed
  • Customizer with a passenger bug fixed
  • Client access feedback bug on multiplayer fixed
  • Manual vehicles RPM feedback bug fixed
  • Scrape sounds & particles
  • Improved pieces physics when detached
  • Character verticality fixed when leaving bike on slope surfaces
  • "Rear gear" speed limitation improved
  • Explosions are now transmitted to nearby characters
  • Dead zone added to tricks input
  • Added sport bike template
  • improved riding physics

VERSION 3.1 - UE5.1 (JUNE 11th 2023):

  • Paint base material modified to fix issue with UE5.2 and "is dirty" option
  • Multiple warning removal
  • Vehicle customizer multiplayer bugs fixed
  • Fixed collision bug with basic characters on 5.2
  • Enduro collision bug fixed
  • Enduro's base rider proxy mesh visibility bug fixed

VERSION 3 - UE5.1 (MAY 10th 2023):

  • Added Enhanced inputs
  • Improved ragdoll physics
  • Renamed UE5 characters anim bps
  • Added IK modifier to adjust different skeletons through variables
  • Cusotmizer multiplayer bug fixed

VERSION 2.2 - UE5.1 (JANUARY 14th 2023):

  • New wheels slip and skid system - adds lateral drift and improves general precission and performance
  • UE5 character pre-integrated models
  • Removed multiplayer fix (it was necessary to fix a bug from Epic's side that has finally been fixed)
  • Optimization fixes for unusual situations
  • Scrape sound added on continuous collision
  • Surface sound effect fixed when vehicle is on air
  • Recovered simplified combination method with cars
  • Side stand bugs fixed
  • counter steering system added

VERSION 2.2 - UE5.1 (DECEMBER 13th 2022):

  • Multiplayer bugs fixed
  • Start sound bug fixed
  • Physical material overrides to fix UE5.1 bug
  • Rams fixed
  • Backfire can now be controlled through variables
  • Physics optimization bug when bike is on air fixed
  • Character leaning after getting off a bike bug fixed

VERSION 2.0 - UE5.1 (NOVEMBER 29TH 2022):

  • FLAT TIRE feature
  • Physics optimization system
  • riding adaptation to UE5.1 wheels changes

VERSION 1.3 (OCTOBER 26TH 2022):

  • NEW Backfire feature
  • improved carpaint material (optimized and new iridiscent feature)
  • naked bike corrections
  • tricky surfaces bug fixed

VERSION 1.2 (OCTOBER 19TH 2022):

  • several physics corrections
  • recover verticality from leaning at high speeds improved
  • look up controls unified

VERSION 1.1 (OCTOBER 13TH 2022):

  • UE5 motorbikes compatibility
  • New materials system (all pieces that inherit materials should use proper slot names)